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1&1 5G Netz - Information on Europe's Most Advanced Mobile Network

On 8 December 2023, 1&1 launched Europe’s most advanced 5G network. We have put together a collection of the most frequently asked questions regarding the new network

What are the advantages of 5G?

Faster internet: 5G enables swift downloads and uninterrupted streaming.

Stable connections: Better connectivity in busy environments such as concerts or sports events.

More devices, better connections: 5G supports simultaneous connections for multiple networked devices.

Future-proof: 5G is the basis for innovative technologies such as autonomous driving and virtual reality applications.

How fast is the 1&1 5G Netz?

With the 1&1 5G Netz you can surf the mobile internet with speeds of up to 500 Mbit/s.

When can I switch my existing 1&1 Mobilfunk-Vertrag to the new 1&1 5G Netz?

In the coming months, 1&1 customers will automatically be switched over to the new 1&1 5G Netz. You do not need to take any action yourself. We will take care of everything and inform you in good time.

Are you not yet a 1&1 customer? All customers who enter into a new contract from 8 December onwards will surf and make phone calls in the new 1&1 5G Netz from the outset.

Will I automatically be assigned a new phone number as a 1&1 5G Netz customer?

New contract customers will be given phone numbers from the area code 015566, unless they choose to keep their old phone number. Existing customers and customers who are automatically switched to the new 1&1 5G Netz in the near future will keep the same phone number as before.

Is my device compatible with the 1&1 5G Netz?

If your device is included in 1&1’s current product range, it will work in our network. You can quickly find out whether your existing device is compatible at: https://mobile.1und1.de/

Simply click the link in the info box in the tariff overview. For additional questions, please refer to these instructions.

To enable the full range of functions, please update your device to the latest software version.

What is being done to ensure network coverage?

We are constantly expanding the new 1&1 5G Netz for our customers! We already provide reception across all of Germany – 5G included. To ensure this, we have entered into an agreement with Telefónica.

Wherever our network is not available at first, national roaming will automatically allow you to use the Telefónica-Netz (where available, also with 5G). You will not notice any change – you can carry on enjoying high network quality as usual. Without any additional costs.

Check your coverage with our network check.

What is national roaming?

National roaming is an agreement between mobile providers that makes it possible for users to access the network of other providers in areas where their own provider does not have network coverage.

What technology is 1&1 5G Netz based on?

The 1&1 5G Netz is based on the new Open RAN technology (Radio Access Network). This technology is already in use in Japan and the US. And with 1&1, it is coming to Europe.

Unlike conventional mobile networks, the innovative Open RAN technology consistently keeps software and hardware separate. Instead of being controlled on site from the cell towers, antennas are now controlled by software in a private cloud that 1&1 runs on standard commercially available servers on hundreds of decentralised edge computer centres. These computer centres are connected via fibre optic gigabit antennas. 1&1 is able to work with the best and most secure manufacturers flexibly via standardised interfaces. The products and services of over 80 companies are already being used, with full independence from dominating suppliers in China.

What frequencies are used in the 1&1 5G Netz?

While the frequencies from the 3.6 GHz spectrum are available already, the frequencies in the 2 GHz range that have been purchased will only be available for use in 2026. To bridge this time period, we are leasing two frequency blocks in this range from Telefónica.

What is the difference between 5G and GSM/UMTS or LTE antennas?

5G stands for the fifth generation of mobile communications and builds on the current generations. Unlike its predecessors (2G, 3G and 4G), 5G brings crucial innovations such as higher data transfer rates, faster response times and greater reliability. For details, visit the website of the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport.

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