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View and download bills

We send your bills via email. You can also view them in the 1&1 Control-Center at any time.

Each month, we send your bill to the email address that we have on our records for you. You can also view and print all of your bills in the 1&1 Control-Center. You can also find bills for hardware that we have supplied over the last 6 months. We store all of your bills for 12 months.

How to find your bills in the 1&1 Control-Center
Schritt 1
Use your customer number and password to log in to the 1&1 Control-Center.
1&1 Control-Center login
1&1 Control-Center login
Schritt 2
Click on Rechnungen (Bills) to access the overview.
Billing overview
Billing overview
Schritt 3
Select the desired month from the overview.
Schritt 4
Click on Rechnung als PDF (Bill as PDF) to download or print your bill.
Bill in PDF format
Bill in PDF format

Note: You can use our 1&1 Control-Center-App to view your bills on the go – give it a try!