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Moving your landline number to 1&1

In this guide, we have compiled the key information and provided step-by-step instructions regarding how to keep your landline number when moving to 1&1.

  • We will take care of cancelling your DSL connection with your previous supplier. Don't cancel the contract yourself. Order your 1&1 DSL connection at least 30 days before your termination date with your previous supplier. If you have already terminated your contract, please read the information contained in the following guide: DSL-Anbieterwechsel zu 1&1 – selbst beim aktuellen Anbieter gekündigt (Switching DSL provider - terminated contract with current supplier)

  • It is only possible to move telephone numbers if you live within the same area code.

  • 1&1 does not charge any fees to keep your landline number. However, your previous supplier may charge you for the process. Please contact your provider to find out how much they charge.

  • When ordering 1&1 online, you can choose to move the connection and telephone numbers directly. Select the option Anschluss-Kündigung (Terminate connection).
    Not all providers currently accept this form of cancellation. As such, you may not be offered this option. If you do not have the option of terminating your contract in this way, please proceed as described below.

Schritt 1

Order your 1&1 DSL connection. See this guide for more information: 1&1 DSL mit Anbieterwechsel bestellen (Order DSL and switch providers)

Schritt 2

Together with your order confirmation, you will receive the form entitled Auftrag zur Anschluss- und Rufnummernmitnahme (Request to move connection and telephone numbers) as a PDF attachment to the email. Please check the information is correct. Ensure that there are no typing errors - otherwise your previous supplier will not release your telephone number. Add additional owners of the connection by hand.

Schritt 3

Send the completed and signed form by fax to the free number 0800 100 12 30 or by post to:

1&1 Telecom GmbH
"Anschluss- und Rufnummernmitnahme"
Elgendorfer Str. 57
56410 Montabaur

That's it! We will take care of everything else and let you know your switch date. We have compiled a list of FAQs in our Checkliste zum Anbieterwechsel zu 1&1 (Checklist on switching provider to 1&1) (PDF, 0.5 MB) to assist you further.

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