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DSL set-up with technician visit

How to best prepare for your DSL connection date

Generally, you can set up your DSL connection yourself. However, sometimes certain technical modifications need to be made first. These modifications will be carried out by a service technician. We will inform you in writing beforehand in case of a technician visit.

In the case of a DSL connection, the technician will establish a connection to your house and will check to ensure the signal is distributed by the telephone sockets.

Date and address of the DSL set-up

The date and expected time of the technician visit will be sent to you from 1&1 by email. We will also send you the precise connection address. If this is not correct, call us on 0721 96 00 (free from 1&1 landlines, landlines and mobile phone prices from other providers may vary).

The connection date

You or another responsible adult must be present on the connection date. If this is not possible, you can rearrange the technician visit for your DSL set-up online.

Preparing for the set-up appointment

  • Connect your DSL-Router the evening before, or by 8am on the day of the visit at the latest.

  • If you have ordered a 1&1 DSL-Router, it will arrive one week prior to the connection date. The parcel will contain a Quick-Start Guide to help you with the installation.

  • Ensure free access is provided to the telephone socket in your home and to the building connection. If you are a tenant, please ask the caretaker for free access. The building connection may be located in the cellar, on an external wall or in the cellar of a neighbouring building.

Beispielbild eines HausanschlussesExamples for building connections

Beispielbild eines Hausanschlusses Examples for building connections

  • Enter your mobile phone number in the 1&1 Control-Center under Kundendaten > Persönliche Daten (Customer information > Personal details). This will allow us to phone you on your connection date.

  • Ensure that you or another responsible adult is present for the technician's visit.

  • Display the door bell sticker that was sent to you with your login details. This makes it easier for the technician to find you - especially if you live in an apartment block or if the name of the contract owner is not on the door bell.

Klingelschild-AufkleberDoor bell sticker to assist the technician

Please note:
It will not be clear until your connection date if your DSL connection can be set up without a technician visit . As such, always connect your DSL-Router the night before.

Important information

  • If you miss your appointment:
    We will call you to arrange a new appointment.

  • If the technician could not gain access:
    In this case, we will have to charge you for the technician's travel expenses. This also applies to the newly arranged appointment.

  • If your apartment does not have a telephone socket or it is broken:
    The service technician will then unfortunately not able to replace or repair this. Please consult a telephone engineer for further assistance.

  • If you connection cannot be set up for other reasons:
    We will call you as soon as possible - you won't have to do anything.

  • How to check whether your connection is online:
    If the Power / DSL LED on your 1&1 DSL-Router is permanently illuminated, you are online. It may take up to one hour for the connection to work following your connection appointment.

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