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View and download invoices

Apart from receiving your invoices by email, you can as well check on your invoices in the 1&1 Control-Center any given time.

Each month, you receive your invoice by email using the email address you registered with us. You can also view and print all of your invoices in the 1&1 Control-Center. The 1&1 Control-Center offers you an overview of hardware we have supplied for the last 6 months.

Your invoices are archived for 12 months.

Please note:
You can use our 1&1 Control-Center-App to check your invoices on the go – give it a try!

Schritt 1

Use your customer number and password to log in to the 1&1 Control-Center.

1&1 Control-Center-LoginLogin

Schritt 2

Click on Rechnungen (invoices) to access the overview.

1&1 Control-Center cover pageinvoices

Schritt 3

Choose which month you would like to check.

1&1 Control-Center invoice overviewinvoice overview

Schritt 4

Select Rechnung (PDF) (A) (invoice PDF) in order to download or print the invoice.

You can also get an itemised bill of your calls if you select Einzelverbindungen (B) (list of calls).

A monthly invoice in the 1&1 Control-CenterInvoice as PDF

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