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Information about telephone sockets (TAE)

In order to set up your DSL connection, a service technician will require access to the telephone socket.

Why do you need a telephone socket?

You connect your DSL router, your telephone or your answering machine to a telephone socket. It is known as a telecommunications connection unit (or Telekommunikations-Anschluss-Einheit in German, hence TAE).

Anschlussdose für DSL-KabelPicture of a standard TAE

Where do you find the telephone socket?

The telephone socket is located within your apartment - perhaps in the hallway or living room. You may have several telephone sockets in your apartment. The master telephone socket is generally labelled "TAE001" or "TAE002".

In order to connect your DSL, the service technician will need access to this master telephone socket. It must not be covered by a cupboard or other item of furniture.

Please note:

A 1&1 DSL connection can be only switched on with a functional telephone socket. If you do not have a functional telephone socket, please contact an electrician to repair or install a telephone socket. If you are a tenant, please consult your landlord.

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