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Provision of the previous owner's details when placing a new DSL order

Providing the previous owner’s details makes it easier to set up your DSL connection. Find out which data you need to obtain and how to pass it on to 1&1.

What exactly is meant by previous owner's details and why are they needed?

The previous owner’s details is a set of information about the most recent telephone connection in your apartment. This information is very helpful when setting up your DSL connection.

If your DSL connection can be provided without a technician visit thanks to the provision of the previous owner’s details, you will receive a discount by 1&1 of 10 EUR off your first or second invoice. This discount will be labelled “Rabatt auf Bereitstellungspreis” (discount on handling fees) on the 1&1 invoice.

Which information can be used?

The following information may be useful:

  • The most important information that we need is the full telephone number for the connection, including the area code

  • Previous provider (where applicable)

  • First name of the owner of the previous connection

  • Surname of the owner of the previous connection

  • Designation on your telephone socket (e.g. “TAE001”).

You can request this information directly from the previous tenant or homeowner, from your landlord or from the building management company. Please also check if the door bell is still labelled.

Please note:
If you can provide the telephone number and the surname of the previous owner, it is highly likely that no technician will be needed.

How can I provide this information?

As soon as you have placed your order, you can provide us with the previous owner’s information, either online or by phone.
If you don’t have the information at hand and want to provide it at a later date, you can do so within the first 48 hours by phoning 0721 96 00 (free from the 1&1 network, the cost of calls from landlines and mobile phones from other providers may vary) or by email to auftragsvorbereitung@1und1.de.

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