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Setting up a DECT telephone or 1&1 MultiPhone with the 1&1 DSL-Router

Find out how to set up DECT telephones with your 1&1 DSL-Router.

DECT allows you to use a cordless telephone with your 1&1 Complete Connection. Your 1&1 DSL-Router functions as a base station for your DECT telephone and guarantees that you can be reached throughout your home.


  • Your 1&1 phone numbers have already been set up in the 1&1 DSL-Router

  • Your 1&1 DSL-Router supports DECT. You can find this out in the 1&1 Quick-Start Guide for your device.

  • The DECT telephone supports the GAP Standard (Generic Access Profile – a standardised communications protocol for DECT telephones). Check in the manual to see if your telephone supports GAP.

  • The DECT telephone is connected to your 1&1 DSL-Router and to the power supply.

Schritt 1

Open the user interface of your 1&1 DSL-Router. Enter http://fritz.box into the address line of your browser (Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer or similar).

Alternatively, you can enter the IP address or the IP address you have set. If you have protected the user interface with a password, enter it now.

Please note:
The interface on older firmware versions may look different. The process is, however, the same or very similar.

Schritt 2

In the user interface for your 1&1 DSL-Router, click on DECT > Schnurlostelefone (DECT > Cordless telephones) (A) and then on Neues Gerät einrichten (Set up new device) (B).

The interface of the FritzBox menu displays an overview of the DECT devices you can set up on the left, The term Schnurlostelefone is marked by a red lining and with the icon A. On the right side, there is Neues Gerät einrichten, marked likewise with BOverview of connected DECT cordless telephones

Schritt 3

Now DECT will register on your cordless telephone: During the search, your 1&1 DSL-Router will be shown in the display of the cordless phone as Basisstation 1 (Base station 1). Choose this base station in your DECT phone.

If you are prompted to enter a PIN, enter 0000. If you have set a different PIN for your 1&1 DSL-Router, enter this instead. Click on Weiter (Continue).

Below the menu point Schnurlostelefon anmelden, the button Weiter (continue) is highlighted by a red frameRegistering DECT on your cordless phone

Schritt 4

Your 1&1 DSL-Router will now establish the DECT connection with your cordless phone. Click on Weiter (Continue) as soon as you receive the message that registration has been successful.

Below the menu Schnurlostelefon führt Anmeldung durch, the button Weiter (continue) is highlighted by a red frameConnecting the DSL-Router to the DECT telephone

Schritt 5

Your DECT telephone will now be listed as a telephone under DECT > Schnurlostelefone (DECT > Cordless telephones). Click on the edit icon to adjust the settings.

The menu Schnurlostelefone offers the option to edit the settings for the device, The edit icon is highlighted by a red frameOpen settings for the DECT telephone

Schritt 6

Now set a name for your DECT telephone. This will later appear on the call list for your 1&1 DSL-Router, which displays all incoming and outgoing calls. If you use more than one telephone, choosing different names for each provides a clearer overview.

Next to Name, the fill-in menu field is highlighted by a red frame.Naming the DECT telephone

Schritt 7

Choose which phone number you want to use to make outgoing calls (A). Then choose whether you want your DECT telephone to respond to all calls or only calls from specific numbers (B). Click on OK (C) to save.

Settings incoming, outgoing number, outgoing numbers with icon A, react to all number with icon B, confirm with OK with icon C, all icons in red and boldSetting incoming and outgoing numbers

Schritt 8

Switch to the Klingeltöne (Ringtones) menu (A). Click on Testen (Test) (B), to check the connection with your DECT telephone. If the test is successful, click on OK to confirm.
If the test is unsuccessful, check the pre-requisites mentioned at the start, as well as the settings on the DECT phone itself.

The button Klingeltöne (ringtones) is framed in red, Klingeltoneinstellungen is marked by the icon A, Testen by B, all icons in bold and redTest the connection between your 1&1 Router and your DECT phone

Well done! You have successfully set up your DECT phone and it is ready to make and receive calls.

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