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Setting up the 1&1 DSL-Router with the 1&1 Start-Code

You can use the 1&1 Start-Code to automatically set up your 1&1 DSL-Router. Any telephone numbers that you have already registered with us will be automatically set up.


The 1&1 security letter encompasses all security data needed. The start-code is highlighted by a red frameThe 1&1 Start-Code is found in the security letter


If you change your internet password in the 1&1 Control-Center, your Start-Code also changes. You can find your altered Start-Code in your 1&1 Control-Center, you do not receive it by letter.

Please note:
The appearance and menus may slightly differ, depending on the firmware version of the DSL router.

Schritt 1

Open the user interface of your 1&1 DSL-Router. Enter http://fritz.box into the address line of your browser (Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer or similar).
Alternatively, you can enter the IP address or the IP address you have set. If you have protected the user interface with a password, enter it now.

Check out the article Cannot open the user interface for the 1&1 DSL-Router if you have any issues.

The address bar of the browser shows the address of the fritz boxAccessing the user interface

Schritt 2

Enter the preset password (A) that can be found on the bottom of the device (type plate). Then select Anmelden (Login) (B). Enter your own password in case of using older devices.

The space where to fill-in the password is framed and marked with the icon A, the login button is framed and marked with the icon BLogin

Schritt 3

When the Privacy Policy appears, choose whether you agree to your data being shared (A). Confirm with OK (B).

The checkbox Diagnose und Wartung (diagnose and maintenance) is marked by a red frame and the icon A, the button OK likewise and marked with icon B Privacy Policy

Schritt 4

Enter your 1&1 Start-Code (A). You need to enter this twice for security purposes. Then select Weiter (Continue) (B). Please make sure that you have capitalised the relevant letters.

The section where to enter the start code is marked by a red fram and the letter A, the confirmation with Weiter likewise with the letter BEntering the Start-Code

Schritt 5

The login details for your internet and telephone will now be automatically entered. You will then see an overview of your phone numbers (A). Click on Beenden (Finish) (B).

Confirmation of succesful set-up, telephone numbers are highlighted as well as the button Beenden (finish)Automatic set-up

The article Set-Up your 1&1 DSL-Router without 1&1 Start-Code and Set-Up your Telephone with the 1&1 DSL-Router provides you with all the necessary information to carry out the set-up manually.

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